OrgonArt ORIGIN - Innovation Designed by ZenSu

The concept and design of OrgonArt was created and put online by ZenSu in 2005 as a foundation for Crystal Resonators by St.Clair. Working together Orgon Crystals expanded to: Crystal Light Seeds. The original concept and design developed into St.Clair Crystals

quartz crystal

OrgonArt @ YouTube

OrgonArt YouTube Channel was created in 2009. No one had ever done anything like this .. making Crystal Resonator videos of this kind. We did crazy things .. like travelling to Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva and filming the crystals at the lake or in the castle itself!

OrgonArt - Created by ZenSu & St.Clair

OrgonArt by ZenSu - Original creation Innovation and design. OrgonArt concept and design has existed online since 2005 as: including designing the way OrgonArt is written.

*OrgonArt is my own creation -- no Facebook and no Twitter [...only creative idea stalkers]

Together with Michael St.Clair we worked to develop Orgon Crystals as an Art Form where energy is beauty and original creativity is energy. I also love cameras and video cameras .. and I use video as Art to convey a multi-level natural world concept of creative passion. All videos are my own work.

"OrgonArt - is an original creative [did not exist before] concept. OrgonArt is online since 2005 as .. including the concept and design and also the way OrgonArt is written..." - Zen Su

OrgonArt - High Quality Crystals

We combine high quality crystals, stones, minerals, fossils, meteorites and other fascinating earth objects. We take dried moss, carefully gathered in a way that is respectful of the moss family, we gather fallen branches of local trees, seashells, pine cones or unusual artefacts and we combine them with gold leaf or buddhas to finalise our ArtWands.

We know that magic is real and is part of the structure of the human spirit. We know that the Earth is a magical resonance chamber with precious tools scattered around for us to uncover and use wisely. Art is magic. It does not have to have a puropse, although it can have purpose. It does not have to have a meaning, although it can have meaning. That is why crystals fascinate us so much: They are beautiful, they have a purpose and they beyond magic (really).

Our original Celtic ancestors covered most of Europe (apart from the Viking Northlands), their settlements spread from the Southern coasts of Spain to the Northern Highlands of Scotland. These people loved art as much as we do, and they valued art as an essential part of their cultures. Going deeper into our roots are the paleolithic cave paintings of the Aurignacian era, dating back some 32,000 years (Wiki #). Our relationship with the Earth is a work of art, in our eyes.

Welcome to our world.