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Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz crystals are the most common mineral from many varieties of quartz found inside the Earth. Quartz is a common constituent of many igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Quartz is also a common constituent of granite, sandstone, limestone as well as sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. In geological terms quartz is the rock forming mineral.

Pure quartz is a transformer of energy, allowing electronic communication as well as alignment of exact pulse frequencies (watches). The properties of quartz [crystalline silicon dioxide] are perfect for use in today's high-precision electronic tools.

Pure quartz is traditionally called mountain quartz, clear quartz or rock crystal. This kind of quartz is colourless, translucent or transparent. In ancient times it was often believed that quartz crystal was 'frozen water' formed within the Earth's crust.

In Cyprus, paleolithic stone tools have been found made from solid quartz. Early quartz chopping tools have been found in France and Ethiopia. Quartz has been used to carve the various crystal skulls found across the world. Edgar Cayce said that the Atlanteans utilized giant crystals for power and to harness the energy of the sun.

From ancient Egypt to Tibet quartz crystals were considered as sacred. Crystals were documented as healing tools and were used in Chinese medicine going back 5,000 years. Ancient offerings of quartz crystal have been found at Chaco Canyon. Quartz stones and crystals have been found in Neanderthal sites. Crystals have been carved since prehistoric times.

Perhaps the most powerful fascination with crystals is their natural beauty, perfection and uniqueness. No two crystals are alike, all have their own distinct and original form. There is really no need for a guide-book, as the crystals are their own form of guidance. Something about humans resonates with crystals quite perfectly.

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