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Phantom Quartz^Crystal

phantom quartz

Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz, also known as ghost or shadow quartz, also forms inside smoky quartz, amethyst and citrine crystals. The phantom effect can range from cloudy, milky ghost crystal to transparent. The ghost like reflection inside the crystal is almost reflective of the spirit within the physical body.

Phantom quartz not only alludes to the 'ghosts of the past', but also to the 'ghosts of the future'. These crystals show us that past, present and future are all one - now.

Although phantom quartz is generally described as a crystal within a crystal, with closer observation this phenomenon is the essence of one crystal. In our eyes, 'the phantom' or ghost like presence within the structure is the crystal.

Phantom crystals have a very unique feel to them. They are often earth-like , grounded and powerful; despite the fact that their structure holds a ghost like presence or range of shadows, shades and colours.

From a geological perspective phantom quartz appear to record layers of information from the Earth's past. The depth of this information ranges from transparent to opaque, with various densities of colours often buried deep within the crystals.

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