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Crystal Skulls

Rainbow Skulls

Crystal Skulls

Probably the most famous of all the crystal skulls is the Michaell-Hedges skull, known for its refined and stunning beauty. Even more unlikely and mysterious is the fact that the Michaell-Hedges skull has a removable jaw, carved from the same piece of crystal.

Legend has it that the Mayan's did not create this skull, but that it was given to them by an advanced race of beings. Skulls, carved from varieties of crystal and found in Central America, are said to be ancient artifacts of the early Mayan civilisation. However, others claim these crystal skulls originate from even earlier cultures that existed long before the Mayans.

Crystal Skull Often associated with 'death', crystal skulls have also been part of secret societies and rituals shrouded in shadowy occult orders. However, without a skull there is no living human form and there would be no living human face. People should perhaps stop to consider the fact that the skull making us human is alive, and that bone contains micro-crystals.