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Turquoise, a cryptocrystalline mineral, is a stone that has been valued by mankind for thousands of years. Turquoise is found in various qualities from high grade to low grade, which are easily fractured. In its raw form turquoise is found as a stone mass embedded in a matrix, sometimes in a matrix of quartz. The stone is often found within copper mines and can include small veins of pyrite or limonite. Turquoise is found in many shades of alluring opaque blue to blue-green hues.

Early ancient sites where turquoise was mined are now mainly depleted of the mineral. From China to Persia, from the Aztecs and Tibetans through India to Egypt, turquoise has been shaped polished and used as jewelry, talismans as well as being highly prized by the Native Americans. Evidence of the use of turquoise dates back to Paleolithic times. Archeological evidence of turquoise as a valued trade item (as there are no known deposits of turquoise in that area) have been found in the prehistoric ruins of Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon. Turquoise is thought to have been used as a trade item amongst many world cultures for over thousands of years.

Associated with love this mineral has been used in ancient medicinal practices as well as for pottery glazes, used in dyes and was ground up to create pigment. Throughout history until today turquoise has been associated with 'protection' as well as being highly valued for its gem quality beauty. The stone was believed to bring the wearer good fortune, gold and turquoise have also been closely associated throughout history. Turquoise is also known as the gemstone of Tibet.

Turquoise has an untainted energy of 'purity', it is also in tune with seeing and psychic abilities. Like amthyst turquoise has an other-world vibration. Used by the ancient Aztecs to create inlaid turquoise mosaic masks - turquoise is also closely associated with the spirit worlds, guidance and part of man's ancient connection to the ancestors.

quartz crystal quartz crystal quartz crystal